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Puppy Shopping List

One of the best parts about getting a new puppy is the "nesting phase" - getting everything that you need so that you are prepared for their arrival! Here are a list of products that we love, recommend, and use here in the Corgi Bliss home all the time.

If you are buying Dog Food online instead of locally, please go through instead of Amazon. The Amazon warehouses just don't seem to be as safe for dog food as the Chewy ones. We've had a few bads of kibble that was very obviously moldy or tainted by something that could hurt a dog if they ate it!

We love ! It is a dangerous place, but a great place to start with your puppy shopping.

We are not sponsored, we just love them! 


These are some of my favorite training treats for dogs! We always have a bag or two kicking around. I like to get the Mini or Puppy versions, as they are considered "high reward", and so you don't need to give much to do the trick! They are soft, so it doesn't take them long to chew them. If you puppy is spending more time chewing their treat, they are spending less time with their attention on you, which is not ideal.

This is our favorite brand because of their lifetime warranty! If something happens to the collar and it can no longer be used, they will replace it. We do recommend taking collars off during any play time with other dogs so that it doesn't get caught on teeth!

For a 10 week old puppy, I recommend the 1/2 inch 8 - 12 inch adjustable version. Their designs come with matching leashes as well.

It is SO important to keep handling puppy paws, as Corgis are known for being resistant to nail trimming as adults. When they are puppies, we are handling their paws every day - trimming them a little bit every week. Tuesday is Toes-Day!

This Safari brand is a pair of clippers that has kept the smooth cut over the years, so we highly recommend them! Our older dogs are also used to their nails being dremmelled for a more rounded, less harsh finish.

It is very important that they do not get flea shampoo! It is not safe to use in general, but can be very dangerous for puppies. We recommend Burt's Bees or Nature's Miracle for brands, as they are some of the safest when it comes to larger brands.

I wouldn't recommend bathing your puppy very often with shampoo - any more than every 2 weeks at most - as it strips the natural oils and can cause them to be itchy.

Accidents are just a reality with puppies, unfortunately! There are so many brands out there, and while we tend to use vet-grade cleaners here, there are a few off-shelf cleaners that we can recommend! Odo-Ban is amazing. We have a spray bottle of it in every room when we have puppies. We usually pig up the concentrate from Walmart, Sams Club, or Home depot. The Nature's Miracle Spray works pretty well too! It is an Enzymatic Spray, so it also helps with odor without too much of a cleaner spray. 

Corgis are notorious shedders! In the first 8 months there isn't as much hair as when they are older, but that double coat will start coming in! Basic brushes that are similar to human hair brushes are wonderful to day - to - day. I do not recommend brushes like the Furminator for every day use, as it takes off top hair as well as the undercoat. We do use Undercoat rakes with the "teeth" during the major shedding that happens during teething stages. 

Crate Training can help keep your puppy safe. You can't be vigilant while sleeping, or when you are out of the home, so a crate or exercise pen can provide a safe place for your puppy, and help save the couch when you aren't around. Our Corigs all eat in their crates so that we know everyone is getting what they are supposed to! They also love to sleep in the crate and can oftentimes be found passed out with the door open.

We recommend getting a 30 or 36 inch crate, which is the adult-sized crate.. The new ones come with a divider in them so that you can make the area available to your puppy smaller - no potty opportunities in the back of the crate!

Exercise pens are a great way to create a play area if you are gone for an extended time. You can have a designated poytty area tucked away, and attach it to the crate for a 3-part system. Potty, Play & Sleep.

Your puppy's whole life is about to change. From changing environment, food, and even water - it is all enough to make their gut a little uneasy! Adding a little probiotics to their food is a great way to keep their insides working smoothly so that their outside can continue to be a happy and healthy puppy. We have a few different brands that we think work well!

This is a great way to gate off a room or a stairway while still allowing airflow to that area. Sometimes it's easier to have a mudroom that the dog can dry off in, or a computer room that a puppy can't go in and munch on cords. It is a great way to teach barriers for dogs as well. There are different options available for different situations. We have a handful of these three types on hand, and if we see any at a thrift store we grab them !

We highly recommend Newspaper over puppy pads. For some reason the fluffier the pee-pads, the more Corgis want to sink their teeth into them and rip-shred-tear! While that can still happen with newspaper, it has less padding and less to obstruct their intestines if swallowed. If we use pee-pads, we use ones that aren't as fluffy.

We get newspaper from our local dump/transfer station, but there are also stores that have old issues and aren't sure what to do with them. 

Whether you are an avid hiker with your dog, or your average pet owner, having a dedicated First-Aid kit on hand for emergencies is so important! Things happen - sometimes your pup may step on something sharp - keeping a wound clean while en route to the vet can help save the skin and make repair easier.


Toys are addicting and fun to collect. We always have so many around! We do recommend NEVER using toys that are made of/using ropes - it takes one major surgery after they swallow them to make you want to start a campaign against them, believe me!

A fun way to keep introducing new and fun toys into the repertoire is BarkBox! Otherwise I recommend Kong brand toys - they are made tougher, and seem to last longer!

No Rope Toys!

no rope toys.jpg

After countless times scrubbing my backseat to remove mud and hair, I was so happy to invest in a machine-washable cover. Then, I found that they really all were not made equally. Ive been through 6 different brands, and wish that I had started with the more expensive Kong one first - it would have been less expensive in the long run! To be fair, my car is exposed to lots of different dogs, but Ive had my Kong one for almost two years, when others have only lasted a few months at a time.

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