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A Corgi Bliss Puppy is $3500.00

All of our Corgi Puppies get to keep their natural tails!


Our Corgis are going to their new homes as companions and family members. They do not come with breeding rights, but do come with LIMITED AKC registration.


If you know that you would like to welcome a Corgi Bliss puppy into your family,

please fill our our Puppy Application form.

We will start matching puppies with families that have filled out our puppy Application

once the puppies have been born. Until then we won't know what we have!

We are getting excited about upcoming puppies, but please know that our focus will be on the mothers until the puppies are a week old. After that we will go through applications and individually message families who we feel would be a good fit for the litter!

Last Updated - May 22nd, 2024


Scanlan & Lily

On April 25th, Lily gave us 5 puppies!


1st Pick Male - RESERVED for Nellie N.

2nd Male - RESERVED for Megan W.

1st Female - RESERVED for Erin B.

2nd Female - RESERVED for Jessica M.

3rd Female - RESERVED for Kate and Ken

Scanlan & Nazarena

Scanlan and Nazarena are confirmed pregnant!


They are expecting puppies  around June 6th.


1 Female is reserved for Corgi Bliss!

1 Male is reserved for Francesca S.

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 6.21.52 PM.png
Tripp & Rey

Rey has been bred with an amazing outside male. Should all go well we expect puppies around July 15th.


We will share more once she is expecting! There is a chance of fluffies and tricolors in this litter.

1 Female is reserved for Katie!

Scanlan & Yasmin

Scanlan and Yasmin could be expecting!


If all goes well, we will be expecting puppies around July 24th.

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