"Little Bambi" Litter



Goodmans Country Boy Finnegan


Corgi Bliss Candygirl

Candygirl and Finn's puppies were born on May 3rd, 2019. This was our first Corgi Litter, and we fell in love with those little tails! We became good friends with Finn's owners through Facebook when we were in search of a male with the same "mask" as Candygirl. Constance has an outstanding male with a unique look that we love, and we decided to go the distance (from Maine to Maryland) to breed with him. Meeting him in person did not disappoint, and we can see a lot of what we love about him in the puppies.

The idea for this litter's theme came from thoughts of Spring. A good friend mentioned that when she thought of spring she thought of the Disney movie "Bambi", all we could think of was those four little troublemakers! Sure enough, these puppies have lived up to their names. Bambi is the sweet little brave deer, Thumper is the mischievous little bunny hopper, Faline is the thoughtful beauty, and Flower is the soft adventurer.

All of these puppies are DM Clear by parentage, as well as free for vWD, EIC, the Fluff and Bluie (DLocus) gene.


Corgi Bliss Bambi

Congratulations to

Shannon in Rhode Island


Corgi Bliss Faline

Congratulations to

Jennifer in Maine


Corgi Bliss Thumper

Congratulations to

Heather in Pennsylvania


Corgi Bliss Flower

Congratulations to

Daina in New Hampshire

The Birth Video!

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