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Capella x Mikey 2020



4 Sail's Guess What Day It Is



Golden Rose's Capella

We met adorable little Mikey while visiting a breeder in NH, and knew that he and Capella would be an adorable match! On February 26th, Capella naturally gave birth to 3 boys and 2 girls. All were very vibrant and healthy from birth.

All of these puppies are DM Clear or Carrier by parentage (not at risk), and clear for vWD, EIC, as well as the Fluff and Bluie (DLocus) gene.

Corgi Bliss Cheddar Biscuit

Congratulations to

Tim & Julie in Maine

Corgi Bliss Brenna

Congratulations to

Brenna & Family in Massachussetts

Corgi Bliss Wesson

Congratulations to

Krysten & Family in New Hampshire

Corgi Bliss Gwen

Congratulations to

Krista & Family in Connecticut

Corgi Bliss Georgia

Congratulations to

Lisa & Family in Maine

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